Scientific Advisory Board

Dr Sven Beurig

Genetic & Molecular Biologist

Dr Beurig is an experienced Genetic B

Kelly Ryan

Nutritional Therapist

Practitioner Feedback

Founder of Ultimate Body Wisdom
London, UK

"I have been a qualified nutritionist for over 10 years and have helped numerous clients with a range of gut health issues. YourGutMap has been revolutionary for my clinical practice. It delivers greater clarity with a truly comprehensive report on patients' gut microbiome that enables an enhanced treatment protocol with the added
bonus of tailor made dietary plans.

The feedback from my clients has been fantastic. The test is simple, detailed and effective.

The support I have received from the team has definitely exceeded all my expectations."

Lisa Mehlman

Founder of Chukka Wellness
London, UK

"The whole process from start to finish of taking the test was simple and easy. The way the results are presented to you are clear and easy to read and provide you with a whole range of data.

I’ve been struggling a lot with gut issues the last couple of years and now seeing the results has helped me realise the steps I need to take in order to heal my gut.

I will now be offering and encouraging my clientele to take the tests in order to help them reach peak athletic performance in the saddle."

India Parker-Smith

Colonic Hydrotherapist
Exeter, UK

"What a revelation to be able to offer clients a really simple test done at home so easily without mess, and only three weeks to receive the results.

What makes this test such a game changer is that YourgutMap has a personalised diet guide, using the client’s own results this programme can provide a unique custom diet plan, this means you don't have to sit for hours to work it out, the programme does it for you. The results speak for themselves, from weight loss to improvements in IBS symptoms. I can’t wait to retest clients in 6 months to see the improvements."

Lisa Bennett

Owner, TRUTH Fitness
London, UK

"The tests have been a great addition to our protocols, and have really helped our clients to optimise their diet.

Using the test results, we are able to implement a totally bespoke diet for our clients.

Our clients have seen great improvements from this, and we now recommend the tests to all of our clients."

Cameron Harris

Founder of Eliminate & Elevate
Bedford, UK

"I pride myself with offering expert gut health testing services at Eliminate & Elevate for all my clients. Utilising GutMap tests exclusively for their unrivaled accuracy and service, I am able to deliver exceptional results for all of my clients.

Many of my clients' success stories showcasing transformative outcomes can be found on my Instagram @eliminateandelevate.

With my dedication to excellence, I ensure the highest standard of care for every individual seeking optimal gut health"

Kelly Ryan

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